People impact is business impact

When you understand your workforce holistically, you can make the people decisions that drive the right business impact. Visier makes it all possible.

About Our Partnership

Visier is a leading provider of people analytics solutions, revolutionizing how organizations understand and leverage their workforce data. 

With a commitment to transforming the way companies make decisions about their people, Visier empowers HR professionals and business leaders with actionable insights to drive strategic change. 

In collaboration with Harbinger, clients gain:

  • Comprehensive Workforce Insights:
    Visier's platform aggregates data for a holistic view of the workforce dynamics and key KPIs.
  • Strategic Decision-Making:
    Utilize predictive and prescriptive analytics for informed decision-making at every stage of the employee lifecycle.
  • Tailored Consultancy Services:
    Harbinger's expertise helps clients to embed Visier and People Analytics within the business, enabling companies to succeed in transformations while being led by data.
  • Efficiency and Engagement:
    Together, Visier and Harbinger empower organizations to transform HR into a strategic driver, fostering efficiency and engagement.

Our partnership isn't just about analytics; it's a strategic collaboration equipping clients to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape with impactful people analytics. 

Clients benefit from cutting-edge tools and strategic consultancy, ensuring their workforce strategies align seamlessly with organizational goals.

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